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聖誕禮物靈感——品味設計師小物 // Christmas Gift Inspirations

20 Dec 2018

轉眼間下已快到聖誕節,最近與家人、朋友的飯局連續不斷,儘管不一定要交換禮物,但總想趁着節日、趁着年末向他們表示一點心意。一想到要選購禮物,相信是絕大部分人的煩惱。禮物既要有心思,還要耐看、實用、包裝精緻才顯得大方得體。為了各位last minute戰士,我們精選了自家設計小物,給予你一點送禮靈感。



秋冬系列「SUNSET TO DAWN」以天空為靈感,設計了黑白及彩色的天空圖案,織造成不同單品,在不同時裝展演上均受到觀眾青睞。有見及此,我們以油畫般的天空圖案作主題,推出三款圖案自家眼鏡布,並將它們摺成大衣、裙子或動物模樣,猶如縮小版的 AW18 系列!






相傳在聖誕前夕把襪子掛在壁爐旁,聖誕老人便會透過大煙囱投下禮物。聖誕傳說充滿希望與快樂,襪子作為禮物的話同樣具有節日氣氛與實用性!。日的造型搭配中,襪子很可能是大家忽略的細節,但好好搭配的話能起到畫龍點晴的效果!以往我們的襪子均是熱賣單品,今年我們再根據「SUNSET TO DAWN」主題推出新襪子,也送禮自用的好選擇。



同是「SUNSET TO DAWN」,我們與 YLY STUDIO 合作,以天空漸變顏色來編織出今季流行的貝雷帽。彩色明亮活潑、黑色低調型格,無論她是什麼類型的女生都適合!

“Christmas is forever, not for just one day. For loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away.”
Norman Wesley Brooks

So is fashion.

Christmas Gift Inspirations – Gifts to bring out the designer in you

In the blink of an eye, Christmas has arrived. Celebrations and cheer aside, it also brings the responsibility of buying presents for your loved ones. And if Christmas is about love, compassion, and community, then the presents should reflect that! But perhaps the most difficult part of buying a gift is finding one that is thoughtful, though at the same time beautiful, practical, and nicely packaged.

For those still looking for last minute gift ideas, here is a little inspiration from us!

Origami Glasses Cloths

Coats and Skirts

Inspired by the atemporal nature of the sky, the autumn and winter series “SUNSET TO DAWN” features black and white cloud patterns, laced with splashes of dawn colour. The three different types of patterns are in part inspired by the oil paintings of the Old Masters. Folded into little coats, skirts, or animals, this is a small snapshot of the AW18 theme you could give to a friend or to family!

On the white packaging, one could write a small greeting or draw small decorations to customize it for your friends or family. Other ideas, if you’re particularly nifty, could include upcycling the envelope into a photo frame.

For those who love small statement pieces, or are particularly creative, this is can be a thoughtful gift for the festive season!

“Sunset to Dawn” Socks

Socks and glasses

As per tradition, stockings are usually hung by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, for Santa Claus to place his gifts into. This can therefore serve as a small gift with festive spirit. Although socks are typically one of the less thought about items in a wardrobe, statement socks can always brighten the outfit, and add a dash of playfulness. This year, we launched new socks under the “Sunset to Dawn” theme, featuring the same sky-coloured patterns.


In collaboration with YLY STUDIO, this woven beret hat features the gradients of the sky, with shades of blue, yellow, orange, and white. A lively twist on a classic, low-key piece, this gift is perfect for anyone!

“Christmas is forever, not just for one day. For loving, sharing, giving, are not put away” – Norman Wesley Brooks

So is fashion.

Translated and edited by Wendy Liang