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設計師心聲:如何穿得應節而不失格調?// Dressing Festive and With Style

6 Feb 2019
How To Dress


不知大家有沒有出去行大運兼拜年呢?習俗上來說,正月 dress code 最好是大紅大紫等喜慶顏色,討個好意頭。可是,將所有顏色都搭在身上的話恐怕會變成一個「行走的利是封」,這絕對是一個時裝設計師的惡夢!於是我精選了兩套新春配搭,在應節之餘亦不失格調,最重要是只需一點小改動,便可以隨時穿梭在 Day & Night 之中!






耳飾:MOI(Available at MODEMENT)


第二套/Day&Night:披肩、紅色長靴、黑白高領針織衫、MODEMENT X YLY STUDIO 手織貝雷帽



帽子亦是不能缺席的造型加分之寶!它能改變整個造型的感覺,為之加分。下次出門時,你們也不妨嘗試配上帽子,看看是否更加 dress up!




Dressing Festive and With Style

As Chinese New Year comes around – we would like to wish everyone a happy year of the pig!

If you’ve been visiting, or are planning to visit your loved ones over the New Year period, you’d know that its customary to wear festive colours such as red or purple. But having to deck out entirely in these colours can often be a designer’s nightmare.

So here at MODEMENT, we’ve selected two sets of New Years outfits to stay stylish and festive in the New Year period. Importantly, they’re suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear with minor alterations!

First Set / Day: red dress, black and white turtleneck sweater, ruffle handbag

Red dress, black and white turtleneck sweater, ruffle handbag:MODEMENT;
cap, platform shoes:own items

Visiting family and elders in the morning calls for a festive red. The waist of the skirt is loosely draped, and can easily hide that food baby you’ll get from all that dim sum. The black turtleneck sweater inside balances out the boldness of the red dress, and the hand-woven ruffle bag is perfect for carrying all the red packets you’ll give and receive.

First Set / Night: red dress, ruffle handbag

The quick subtraction of the sweater easily transforms this into a night-time dinner look. A modern twist on the classic red-dress, it can easily be styled up or down depending on your chosen accessories.

Red dress, black and white turtleneck sweater, ruffle handbag:MODEMENT;
cap, platform shoes:own items

Second Set / Day+Night: cape, black and white turtleneck sweater,red boots, MODEMENT X YLY STUDIO handwoven hat

This look is for the petite women! When you’re short (like me), extending body proportions can easily make you look taller than you are. Over-the-knee boots are perfect for this. Not only are they in season, but they also come in a festive red – a great New Year’s statement piece. The black and white sweater serves as a mini-skirt, and with the addition of stockings, creates a casual and chic look.

The shawl is also one of my must-have items for every season. Not only can it function as a scarf or jacket, but with the addition of a belt, it can become a dress. Such a versatile piece is indispensable for the parties and banquets we’ll all be attending.

The addition of a hat can alter the mood of the whole set. Next time you go out, why not add a hat to switch things up?

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Translated and edited by Wendy Liang