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謝謝真心喜歡MODEMENT和支持本地時裝的您們 // Thank you Eman Lam for your support!

9 Jan 2019
MODEMENT's moment

近年在網紅經濟帶起下,很多品牌都找來不同明星代言,亦動輒投放好幾萬予KOL在社交網站中穿上品牌產品拍照,彷彿品牌只有贊助愈來愈多人才能有 noise、有人識、有人買。只是,對於我們來說每件衣服都是心血之作,亦沒有強勁的經濟後盾,只能希望每件「寶貝」都遇上識貨之人帶它們回家,亦寄望它們能被好好珍惜。近年我們較集中發展海外市場,沒想到仍然能得到藝人、歌手、造型師們掏腰包支持。

不知大家有否留意「叱吒樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮2018」?當晚其實不乏歌手穿上本地時裝品牌的設計,而林二汶更穿上 MODEMENT 2018年秋冬系列的白色套裝作為戰衣!全白色的不對稱裙裝配上二汶當天的鏟青銀白幻彩髮型超級型格,成為當晚一眾男、女歌手中最搶鏡之人,完全將 MODEMENT 的衣服演繹出獨特中性味道。除了謝謝二汶的欣賞外,我們亦要謝謝為她設計造型的 Tina Liu!

歌手林二汶出席叱咤頒獎禮時穿上了 MODEMENT AW18系列作為戰衣。
Image Director: 劉天蘭
Costume Designer: Aries Sin @MODEMENT
Make up: Kris Wong
Hair: Derrick Ng

這次合作緣於去年四月的第37屆香港電影金像獎頒獎典禮,其中「星。勢。力」活動邀請了本地設計師為電影新晉演員作晚裝設計,當時 Aries 便認識了Tina。她對 Aries 當日參加金像獎的衣服很有印象,當二汶找她做戰衣時,Tina便跟Aries 聯絡了。





In recent years, social media has exploded, driving the fashion industry with it. With brands asking influencers to model on their behalf, it has generated cycles of promotion, spending, and buying. Yet for us, we have found it difficult to do the same. After all, each item is our ‘baby’, and we only hope that it will encounter someone who can understand it, bring it home, and cherish it.

In the recent Ultimate Song Chart Award Presentations in 2018, there was no shortage of Hong Kong singers and stars supporting local fashion industries. In particular, we would like to thank Eman Lam for wearing MODEMENT for the evening. Wearing an all-white asymmetrical dress, and interpreting the MODEMENT style to her own accord, it certainly stood out from the crowd. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Tina Liu for the design of the dress!

Singer Eman Lam wearing a dress from the AW18 series for the evening.
Image Director: Liu Tianlan
Costume Designer: Aries Sin @MODEMENT
Make-up: Kris Wong
Hair: Derrick Ng
(Photo Source: IG @lam2)

Tina and Aries first met during the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards. In the NOVA Power event, which invited local designers to create the evening look for the city’s young actors, Aries’ own MODEMENT outfit impressed Tina. When Eman contacted Tina about her look for the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation, Tina in turn found Aries.

“Tina wanted the same outfit as mine at first, but it was sold out, and only the white one was left.” Aries explained. “But Eman put it on, and loved it so much. The item could transform from coat, to dress, or whatever you want depending on the way the buttons are fitted. This made it easy for her to adapt it to her own taste.”

In addition to purchasing the asymmetrical dress, they also ordered the all-black version. We look forward to seeing the finished look!

Translated and edited by Wendy Liang