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10 Years Challenge — 實現夢想之路 // The 10 Year Challenge – Our road to Dream Come True

17 Jan 2019
MODEMENT's moment

近日突然興起 10 Years Challenge,回看十年來的改變確實有趣,也喚起剛畢業時的目標與熱誠。

2008年,我完成了設計學校的畢業Show。 My design school graduation show, 2008.


2018年,我帶着AW18系列參加巴黎時裝周。 HKFG Hong Kong Designers : Modement
Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2018 Collection
Paris Fashion Week

巴黎時裝周的後台。 Backstage at Paris Fashion Week.




當年的一句話成為我的動力,別人愈是認為我做不到的事,我愈要完成得漂漂亮亮。十年間其實也遇到過不少挫折,也繞了很多圈,但亦讓我比其他人看到更多的人和事,豐富了自己的閱歷與思考。十年後,我終於帶着 AW18 的設計在巴黎時裝周期間行Show。「發夢」不再是夢,而是我和 MODEMENT 一個重要的里程碑。







除了巴黎時裝周,我在2017及2018年也參與了Feeric Fashion Week。 In addition to Paris Fashion Week, we also participated in Feeric Fashion Week in both 2017 and 2018.


SS18 系列在Feeric Fashion Week期還獲賞識,受邀請參加米蘭時裝周! SS18 Series during Feeric Fashion Week. We were also invited to participate in Milan Fashion Week!


在下一個十年裡,MODEMENT 希望將品牌概念融合到不同領域,發展成一個集合時裝、藝術、生活品味與美食的綜合式品牌,將我們喜愛的生活文化帶給大家。希望在十年後,我們也可以驕傲地宣布另一次的夢想成真!

We are a dreamer, dare to dream.
— Aries Sin


The 10 Year Challenge has emerged as the latest viral internet trend of 2019, kicking off the year with an optimistic start. It offers us a chance to look back and reflect, on the people we were, and the people we have become. So here’s us:


Ten years ago, the curtains drew closed on my design school graduation show, marking an end to my formal education in fashion. When asked about my dreams for the future, I still remember that my initial response was to host a fashion show at Paris Fashion Week – ambitious for a fresh graduate. But after all, we are young, and what is youth if not defined by dreams and ambitions?

Needless to say, my remark was not met with the most serious response. They generally fell along the lines of – “You? Dream?”.


Maybe it’s out of spite, but those words have continued to be a motivator to do better, and be better. In the past 10 years, I have encountered many setbacks, situations where it was necessary to circle back to the beginning and start again. You know how the cliche goes – the road to success is never a straight line.

And who knows, 10 years later my dream did come true. In 2018, we our AW18 collection walked the stage at Paris Fashion Week. This goal, far from being a dream, has now become an important milestone for both MODEMENT and myself.

As the goals of one decade come to an end, we look towards the future. In the next decade, MODEMENT hopes to integrate itself more comprehensively into fashion, art, lifestyle and food, bringing our favourite lifestyle culture to everyone! I hope that in ten years time, we can announce another dream come true!

We are a dreamer, dare to dream.
— Aries Sin

Translated and edited by Wendy Liang