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Behind The Scenes|跨越三季的死亡衝線時間 // AW19: A Sneak Peak

19 Jan 2019
Behind The Scenes


當大家還在店裡逛秋冬款時,我們不但為適應香港天氣而推出了2019年的衛衣、T-shirt capsule collection,還密鑼緊鼓地做貨,準備在新年後上架正式的成衣系列。同時間,團隊已經要為下一個秋冬系列準備設計、打版、做樣板。最緊急的事,是我們必需要在農曆新年前完成以上的進度,不然就趕不及年後到巴黎擺showroom了……


每季我們都會建立一個theme board與colour board,再由此發展成系列設計。SS19的主題為”HEADS UP”,設計靈感取自海洋中的線條感與色彩配搭。(圖片來自Pinterest) Each season, a new theme and colour board is created as the basis of the new designs. The theme of SS19 is “Heads Up”, and is inspired by the lines and colours of the ocean. (Pictures from Pinterest)


選擇衣料時,我們也集中擇取了具有線性圖案的布料,也以黑、白、灰、藍為主。其中也少不了可以讓我們編織的喱士布。每次我們都會將布板貼在牆上,再思考不同衣服樣式的布料、顏色搭配。 For our choice of fabric, we chose to focus on linear patterns, incorporating the colours of black, white, gray, and blue. Seen here, they are taped to the wall so we can get a feel for the colour combinations.

每季都少不了的人手編織。媒體訪問時,為了節目效果總看起來過程非常嚴肅,但真實是最認真也最無厘頭的時刻!由於編織實在是長時間勞動,總要找點方法調劑一下身心。Aries與助手Leonora 曾試過邊編織,輪流說出外國電影的香港、內地翻譯片名,背景音樂也由BIG BANG至周杰倫的歌曲隨機播放。如果兩個人都不說話,恐怕不口臭也悶死了。

當然,這些只是工作的冰山一角,還有太多忙到甩轆沒有時間拍照的時刻。說真的,很多人把時裝設計師的工作想像的太fancy,但背後也有許多喜怒哀樂的時刻,也有許多無厘頭、鬼馬的事發生。之後再慢慢分享各種Behind the scenes吧!


AW19: A Sneak Peak

It’s that time of year again, when a new beginning also heralds a busy, busy year. Barely surfacing from the holiday season of Christmas and New Years, we’re quickly diving back into the Lunar New Year holiday season. It’s no different here at MODEMENT, balancing both work, life, festivities, and the release of the MODEMENTSS19.

Anticipating the gradual onslaught of spring, we recently released 2019 Sweater and T-Shirt Capsule Collection to accommodate the warming weather in Hong Kong. However, behind the drawing board, production of the SS19 series continues. Let’s have a sneak peak at what’s going to be released in the Paris Showrooms in a few weeks time!

The hand-weaving is often a signature part of our designs. Whilst the process seems very serious, it can also be quite laid-back. As it can take many hours, it’s also an opportunity to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Aries and assistant Leonora area often discuss the different (usually laughable) translations of foreign films, with BIGBANG or Jay Chou blasting in the background. See – work isn’t always boring!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There’s definitely more to come (especially when we release the final products). Although fashion can often be seen as glamorous – it’s not just that. Behind the scenes, it’s sometimes sleepless nights and hours of hand-stitching, but it’s also clothes made with love, and a strong sense of community.

Stay tuned for more SS19 updates!

Translatred and edited by Wendy Liang