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DARE TO BE DIFFERENT:我們不同,又何必穿得一式一樣

26 Dec 2018

每次到外地行完show時,我總愛趁機給自己放個假,充充電後回港再工作。可是此行到巴黎做完 SS19 的Presentation 後,我卻選擇留在當地為之後的新品作準備,以及拍攝SS19的宣傳片。

當天,整個拍攝團隊穿着最新的”DARE TO” T-shirt系列,早早便出發位於巴黎近郊 Cergy的 L’Axe Majeur。拍攝的內容尚要保密,但成品很快便會跟大家見面了!只能透露一句,巴黎的天空從來沒有讓我失望,即便沒有加上濾鏡還是如同油畫般,美得不像現實,拍攝效果超級正。


我們在通往 L’ AXE Majeur前的橋廊拍下團隊照片中,形成有趣又有內涵的效果!而且這件 T-shirt 只有一個尺寸,不分男女,切合MODEMENT 中性的品牌概念。
Model:Silvia Stefanini、Asia William、Cécile Simon、George Moldovan、Aries Sin、Guillaume Castan、Yang Xiaoyuan、Kartik Dada(左起)

在出彩的背景下,我們穿上同款T-shirt(但不同顏色),但各人有各自的styling與特色,有的將上衣打結成短款效果,有的將T-shirt 攝入褲頭,有的任它隨風擺動,襯上自身的髮型、配飾、下半身搭配,各自有不同的狀態與效果!不會說誰是模特兒、誰是造型師或設計就穿得最好,各人都以自己最舒適的方法去配上這 DARE TO 的 T-shirt,正是我設計這系列的原意—— DARE TO BE I AM WHO I AM。

每個人都在探索「自己」到底是什麼,在這個過程中,模仿與隨波逐流是難免的過程,但其中會否也產生了一些想做卻不敢做的念頭?勇於踏出第一步,才是找尋到「自己」的最珍貴一步。T-shirt 上的方形色塊只寫上了 “DARE TO” 兩字,其餘空間均為大家留白,讓大家寫下內心的想法,其反光物料亦可以在閃光燈下呈現出別樣效果,讓大家照出隱藏的一面,敢於表達自己。

再仔細看着我們的團隊照時,發現這不正是時裝業中經常說的 Diversity(多元)與 Inclusion(包容) 嗎?八個人的團隊中,我們來自不同國家,有着不同膚色與不同身形、不同性別,但穿上這件 Slogan Tee也具有同樣的自信,為 “DARE TO” 賦上不同意義與訊息。



T-shirt 背後也會有不同的宣言,例如 “THIS IS MY MODEMENT”。
Model:Aries Sin、Yang Xiaoyuan

在 L’Axe Majeur 上拍的團隊照也同樣有感覺!

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#videographer / Guillaume Castan
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MODEMENT X GINGER DARE TO Capsule Collection系列於PMQ店有售!
地址:PMQ 元創坊 H301室



Normally after finishing a show, I take some time off to recharge before returning to Hong Kong. Work hard, play hard – it’s all part of the process. However, on our most recent trip to Paris, I stayed in the city to prepare for the upcoming SS19 collection.

As prelude to our SS19 theme, “Heads Up”, we introduced our “Dare To” capsule collection. In particular, it features a white t-shirt with the slogan “Dare To”, and a space for the wearer to fill their thoughts.

The team set off early to L’Axe Majeur in Cergy, a suburb of Paris, for the t-shirt shoot. Whilst I cannot reveal the contents of the shoot just yet, I did note that the sky in Paris was a brilliant blue. Like something painted by the old masters, it featured as a captivating backdrop for the shoot. And wouldn’t it be a waste of a sky if we didn’t do a team picture here too?

Against the black drop of the sky, each person in the team put on the same t-shirt (albeit in different colours). We dressed according to their own style – some of us tied the shirt in a knot, others tucked it in, some accessorised whilst others didn’t. The simultaneous sense of individuality and cohesiveness in the photo was immediately apparent. We were all the same in that it was difficult to distinguish between model, stylist, and producer, yet everyone was also distinct in their own style and expression of self. It was here that the intention of my design became palpable. Shouldn’t we all strive to be ourselves. After all – I AM WHO I AM.

Whilst it is inevitable that we may imitate others, and follow trends as they come and go, it is also self-evident that individuality lies at the core of our identities. Within our eight person team, we saw all sorts of individual distinctions – from cultural backgrounds and countries or origin, to skin colour, body shapes, and gender. Although the photo reflects for the themes of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ that we often speak about in fashion, the slogan seemed to magnify the individual aspect. Diversity was not a feature of a group, but rather, the group featured a collection of diverse individuals – all daring to be themselves.


Translated and edited by Wendy Liang