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“DARE TO” Capsule Collection 掙脫束縛做自己 // FLAUNT YOUR IDENTITY

23 Dec 2018

Emma Watson曾經說過:「Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do or achieve. Do what you want to do and be who you want to be.」「做自己」是老生常談的格言了,但在網絡時代下,又有多少人能把持住,不去追逐潮流?看似愈來愈文明的社會,反而愈來愈多束縛,因為稍為破格的行為便很容易成為網路公審的對象,像一道無形枷鎖加諸在自己身上,什麼都不敢做了。

正因為這樣,我們創作出「DARE TO」Capsule Collection,透過三款Slogan Tee或衞衣來喚醒每個人心中的「獸」,遠離虛幻妄言,找回獨一無二的自己。(推薦歌曲: 盧凱彤《囂張》


“DARE TO” Capsule collection T-shirt, Model: George Moldovan

Slogan Tee的威力不容小覷,一句標語已經足已代表穿衣者的立場與想法,亦可以凝聚更多相同立場的人,“I AM NOT A PLASTIC BAG”掀起的購物袋風潮、“WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS”喚起的女權運動意識相信大家都必不陌生。此次,我們從個人出發,去尋找自己。

是次 Capsule Collection 是作為2019年春夏系列「HEADS UP」 的前奏而推出,以時裝為媒介來傳遞自我欣賞的訊息。我們與 GINGER合作,在衛衣、T-shirt上以反光物料印上四句不同的宣言——

DARE TO / 有什麼大膽的想法?盡情說出來吧!

BE YOURSELF / 面對真實的自己,接受自己每一個面相。

I AM WHO I AM / 我就是我,不要用你的標準來規範我。

THIS IS MY MODEMENT / 享受做自己的時刻,敢想、敢做。

“THIS IS MY MODEMENT”, Model: George Moldovan

率先示範:DARE TO衛衣

Model:Leonora Liu

DARE TO衛衣 是整個 Capsule collection率先到店的設計,胸前有 MODEMENT 的高身繡花 Logo,後有印上 “DARE TO”的反光面料色塊,空白位置可讓大家填上屬於自己的宣言。儘管是同一件衛衣,各人填上自己的“Dare to”及襯上不同配搭後,便能盡顯個性!

Aries 親自示範衛衣搭配。她表示:「最緊要穿出自己性格及舒服!」
Top、Bottom、Socks - MODEMENT

T-shirt 款式亦快將開售,記得留意!

到店選購:PMQ 元創坊 H301店


As Emma Watson said, “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do or achieve. Do what you want to do and be who you want to be.” Whilst ‘being ourselves’ seems like an age-old cliche, isn’t there some truth to cliches? Especially in the world of social media, it seems that there are times when society’s definition of normalcy seems to be all permeating – it’s the images on our Instagram, the ten second YouTube ad, on television screens and on Facebook.

For this reason, we created the “Dare To” capsule collection. The collection aims to encourage everyone to express their unique self, and flaunt their individuality.

A manifesto that belongs to you.

The power of a slogan should not be underestimated. It’s a powerful statement of identity, and of self. Much like how the slogan “I AM NOT A PLASTIC BAG” encouraged environmental consciousness, and “WE SHALL ALL BE FEMINISTS” raised awareness to women’s rights issues, slogans have proved to be powerful forces in society.

The Capsule Collection features as a prelude to our 2019 Spring and Summer Series, entitled “Heads Up”, which focuses on fashion as a medium of expressing individuality. In collaboration with Ginger, the collection features clothing with four distinct slogans:

DARE TO / What are your bold ideas? Express them!

BE YOURSELF / Face the real you. Accept who you are.

I AM WHO I AM / You are your own person.

THIS IS MY MODEMENT / Enjoy your moment and be you. Dare to think, and dare to do.

AT FIRST GLANCE: Dare To Sweater

The ‘Dare To’ sweater is the first item of the capsule collection to arrive in stores. The front features an embroidered MODMENT logo, whilst the back features the words ‘Dare To’ embedded on a reflective panel. Whilst the sweaters are identical, by writing your own thoughts on the panel, each can be made individual and personalised for the wearer.

The ‘Dare To’ t-shirt will also be available for sale soon, so stay tuned!

Translated and edited by Wendy Liang