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deTour 2018: 升級再造網紗首飾工作坊 // Upcycled Bracelet Workshop

18 Dec 2018
Events 精彩活動

在 deTour 創意匯聚十日棚 2018 中,MODEMENT開設了「升級再造網紗首飾工作坊」,帶領大家體驗我們的升級再造巧思。

工作坊成品示範 Image of finished product

將剩餘網紗及飾品重新編織、設計成頸飾。 Mesh scraps are woven and to create ruffled necklaces


只需準備網紗、手帶及剪刀、針線便可以開始製作手鐲。 Ready the materials! Things you will need include: mesh, the strap, scissors, and needle+thread.

Aries 解釋品牌不同單品如何運用升級再造技術造出新產品。 Aries explains how upcycling plays a role in creating new products

參加者專心地編織自己的手鐲! Participants concentrate on making their bracelets!

不同顏色的網紗配襯出來有不同感覺。 Different colours of mesh creates different effects.

工作坊成品,多加一條皮扣便變成了頸飾! The addition of a leather buckle turns this into a great statement necklace!


“You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t, then you’re not looking properly.” — Paul Smith


During the deTour Creative Festival, MODEMENT hosted a “Upcycled Bracelet” workshop to offer participants a glimpse into our production process, and our upcycling methods!

At MODEMENT, we always pay close attention to the importance of human touch and the good management of resources. Each season,clothing and accessories are created using scrap fabric as a part of our goal to achieve zero waste and adopt greater environmental responsibility. Although this process usually occurs behind the scenes, this workshop was an opportunity to share this process with others. Participants of the workshop got a chance to create their own version of this season’s woven bracelets, and ruffled necklaces.

Using basic weaving techniques, the mesh stripes were hand stitched and then woven into the bracelets. With the addition of a leather buckle, this made a statement piece ruffled necklace.

We hope that this workshop was able to impart some new insight about fashion production to our participants, and shed some light on the importance of upcycling. Not only can we achieve greater sustainability, but we can also breathe some new life into old materials, and create something completely different!

“You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t, then you’re not looking properly.”

— Paul Smith


Translated and edited by Wendy Liang