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FuckingYoung!: Feeric Fashion Week – An exciting Romania’s tour

4 Aug 2017

















Inspired by the Bible phrase regarding the creation of Eve from Adams bone and flesh, the Hong Kong-based designer, Aries Sin, brings together different colours and silhouettes creating a collection that portrays the process of finding each other. Keeping loyal to her signature androgynous and unisex concept. Sin brings out the bright elements of nature finding its way in mixing and matching in order to bring happiness. The different textures and weaving represent the bones curving and transforming into something. Connotations are made to blood vessels with the specially crafted fabrics. Sin believes that we are living no longer in a world where fashion is about size: fashion is about style and the ability to mix and match in order to find the personal fashion. Thus, Sin keeps her designs simple with interesting elements that create the sparks for bonding.

Full text:Feeric Fashion Week – An exciting Romania’s tour
Reporter: luca Imbimbo