「如果你要參加YDC 2019的話,第一件事便要『發夢』。很多時候要天馬行空才能完成你未想像過的事。」參加這次比賽就像獲得了一條鑰匙,不但激發了更多設計靈感,還打開了實現夢想的大門,得到許多意想不到的機會,遇到更多同路人互相扶持。


我參加了「派對服及晚禮服組」,設計系列名為“Shadow Movement”,以樹影為主要元素。

YDC 2013 參賽系列—“Shadow Movement”
攝影:Calvin Sit

其實YDC 這個比賽在讀fashion design 時已經知道,而且大家都一直很想參加這個比賽,是繼Grad Show之後,大家所重視的一個機會,但我在出來工作加上做自己品牌後才參加YDC,是因為想證明自己的實力。加上,Fashionally成立後更加能幫助到品牌的發展,我可藉着比賽讓業界和更多不同界別的人留意到自己的作品。當時也可算是有策略地參加比賽。

然而,由構思、畫圖,遞交作品到等消息,是一個很有趣的過程,特別是獲得入圍通知,可以正式開始著手做,整個過程就如grad show的進階版。每天也痛恨自己為何那麽「手多」,畫得那麽仔細,以致連續數個月也是不停地做手工,過程是漫長而痛苦的,但很感恩身邊的朋友也很仗義幫忙。特別是已畢業的同科朋友,放假也來幫忙,好像當日做grad show般,仿佛一同在完成大家讀fashion時的夢。

當時為了表達“Shadow Movement”,我們用上了十分「癲」的製法,不但以人手挑毛冷製作出樹枝部分,還將皮革裁切成正方形,將它們像紙皮石般釘上服飾來製成影子。當模特兒穿上走動時,便會有流動的感覺。


做衣服的過程,其實一點也不fancy,但完成作品後,穿上身時的滿足感超級大,這也是為何每季也來回地獄又折返。猶記得在做presentation 前一天,我們還是在通宵釘皮,未能完成也逼住要交的感受,心理壓力超大。時裝這一行,大概就像坐過山車一樣,不斷地鍛鍊身心的質素。


除此之外,藉着這個比賽也激發了我和不同artist的合作。例如以下的造型照是由本地攝影師Calvin Sit 操刀拍攝,自此之後,我們一直到現在我們還是合作無間呢!另外整體造型的帽飾部分由 Nici Harmonic 設計,我們之後在AW16 “Diffusion” 系列也有再度合作。



參加比賽有別於平常設計 ready-to-wear 的思維,可以更為大膽、天馬行空,也能挑戰自己的極限(創意、體力及精神上)。這個機會可能一生只有一次,過程不管是甜酸苦辣也足以回味許久。看到這篇blog的你也許不是時裝設計師,但也希望你能勇於挑戰自己,Dare To Dream!

YDC 2019 Open Call
Online Application 網上報名



If you’re looking to join YDC 2019, I would say that the first prerequisite is an ability to dream. It’s not always a cinderella cliche – sometimes we need our head in the clouds (and both feet on the ground), to achieve all that we dream of, and more. In the context of YDC, looking back it was very much a key to unlock my own dreams.

With the applications for YDC 2019 heralding the start of a new fashion season, I want to take some time to reflect on my own experiences five years ago.

Upon graduating design school, and completing our ‘Grad Show’, young designers often set their eyes on YDC as a chance to showcase their skills for the wider public. Thus, it was no surprise that in those early years, the YDC was always the event of the season and the talk of the town. But whilst my graduating class entered such events in the years shortly after graduation, I chose not to enter until 2016. In the time leading up to that, I spent the majority of my time building MODEMENT. It was a way to create something tangible, and individual, that I could then share with others. Thus, when I entered the YDC in 2013, for me it was no longer just a means to showcase designs, but to build connections and truly integrate into the fashion world.

I entered in the Party & Evening-Wear Group, featuring a collection entitled “Shadow Movement”, inspired by the dappled-patterns cast by the silhouettes of tree branches. Using a mix of colours, and jagged patterns the overall effect could best be described as somewhat ‘epileptic’.

The process of designing, drawing, and submitting the work was an incredibly enriching (albeit painful) process. Aside from doing the handiwork myself, many fashion friends who had graduated also joined in. It felt like a high-stakes version of the grad show. Working during the holidays, with the same vigor and enthusiasm as doing the grad show in university, we all worked hard to fulfill each other’s dreams. It also allowed me to work with a number of people across the industry, in particular with local photographer Calvin Sit (and we continue to collaborate up to now!). Therefore, whilst the awards and the publicity were undeniably valuable for the brand and myself, I have found that the most rewarding aspect was in fact the community we created. To this day, we still dress up in MODEMENT designs to events from time to time.

Although I often say that the process of creation is not glamorous at all, it’s not to say that it’s not important. After all, that feeling of pride when you see your designs walk the stage, is only amplified by the knowledge of the many hours spent on it, and the efforts put in by you and your teammates. So even though the stress of the event had us down in the dumps only a few hours before, it did not make us feel any less elated on the day. Fashion to me, has always seemed like an emotional rollercoaster: the good news is that you’ll never know what twists and turns are up ahead (but that also means it can be the bad news).

The YDC was an incredible experience. Creating clothing outside of the typical ‘readywear’ design was a means to push creativity beyond the limits of product design, and physical practicality, transcending the boundaries of art and fashion. Whilst this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and thus nostalgic, it was a dream come true that continues to be a significant milestone for us. Whilst you may not be a fashion designer reading this, I hope that this blog has given you reason to challenge yourself and to dream.

Dare to dream!

YDC 2019 Applications open now (deadline April 12th)!

Translated and edited by Wendy Liang