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Designer in Paris|VASARELY – poetic geometry 從藝術聯想到時裝

6 Mar 2019

藉着到巴黎 3RDEYE SHOWROOM 展示2019-2020秋冬系列的機會,又是為靈感充電的時間了!每次到外地工作我都盡量把握機會看看當地的建築或展覽,這次便碰上了龐畢度中心正舉辦的 “VASARELY. SHARING FORMS” 展覽。Victor Vasarely(1906 - 1997) —— 這位被譽為奧普藝術思潮(Op-art)之父的藝術家以幾何圖形創造了許多錯視作品,所帶動的Op-art更被引進了時尚與創意設計之中,當然不能錯過觀展的機會。

展覽中主要以畫作、雕像等不同方面看到Victor Vasarely如何透過交錯的黑白線條、方塊、圓點,或是色彩排列來構成視覺錯覺,着實讓人移不開眼球。常說時裝與藝術分不開,這麽具有魔力的元素,難怪自上世紀六十年代以來便一直影響着時裝設計師們,對當代時裝設計也是不可缺失的靈感啟發。

Dries Van Noten 2019春夏男裝系列,以曲線及重疊顏色來製作出錯視效果。

MODEMENT SS19 系列受海洋的粼光及海岸線啟發而使用了大量條子及格紋圖案,亦是與 Op-art 元線不謀而合。當穿起這個系列時,層疊、飄逸的幾何圖案也「動」了起來,猶如水波盪漾的感覺。

AW19/20 “INTO THE WOODS”也有很多格子及條紋設計!

不論在時裝還是藝術,Victor Vasarely 都影響着我們的視覺文化。今次有幸看到他的作品展覽像追蹤了眾多時裝設計的靈感根源,也為日後的創作積累了更多想法,以後再分享更多給大家吧!


Visiting Paris to host the showroom for our AW19 collection, I had the opportunity to see the “VASARELY. SHARING FORMS” exhibition in Centre Pompidou. Often described as the father of the Op-Art movement, Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely inspired a new generation of art – one which uses optical illusions as a medium of expression.

Walking through the exhibition, the appeal of the art-style was immediately apparent. His works create a sort of magnetic harmony, able to evoke nuanced sensations such as calm, confusion, eccentricity. The shapes and colours are often simple, but layered on top of each other, they create the illusion of movement.

It’s no wonder that over the years, his work has become a steady source of influence for the fashion world, often featured on the catwalks of major fashion houses. The optical illusions created by the overlap of geometric shapes, translate to a sort of movement-within-movement on the runway. The plaid, stripes, and patterns it inspired seem to have been seamlessly integrated into the fashion world of today – so much so that they seem like staples in any designer’s book.

Dries Van Noten Men’s Spring Summer 2019 collection.

We can see the long-reaching influence of his design here at MODEMENT too. The geometric patterns and details featured as a key highlight of our SS19 collection (pictured below). The overlay of the patterns was designed to create a sort of movement-within-movement on the runway mirroring the optical illusions of Vasarely’s works.

The plaid fabric features as a highlight in our AW19 collection, and the black jacket (pictured below) were heavily inspired by the idea of geometric movement.

Whether in fashion or in art, it is immediately apparent that Vasarely had a huge impact on the visual culture of today. The opportunity to see his works in person, was really a trip back in time, to look at the birth of one of the key ideas in fashion.

“À une civilisation mondiale doit correspondre un langue plastique Mondial, simple, beau, et acceptable par tous. Mieux : utilisable par tous.”

“A global civilisation must have a corresponding global plastic language – one that is simple, beautiful, and acceptable to all. Better yet: fit for use by all”

– Victor Vasarely


Edit by Wendy Liang