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17 Jul 2019


我眼中的Victor Fung,是一個執着又意志堅定創造者。不論在舞蹈世界還是現實生活,他都是我非常欣賞的MODEMENT Knight。在網上搜尋Victor的資料,舞蹈生涯履歷華麗。但在成為舞者之前,他的年少經歷已經滋養着他的創作養份。


Victor Fung



現在,Victor也是香港少數修讀了舞蹈博士課程的舞者,他透露論文探討了如何培育新生代舞者的創意,讓他們在學習中學會表達自己。他勉勵道:「有目標的話,快慢不緊要。每次的失敗會讓你更有決心去FIGHT FOR IT。找到自己、喜愛自己,時間或行動便是最有力的證明。」

Victor 跟 “Dare to” 的 t-shirt 系列一樣,也在跟世界宣示 “I AM Who I AM” 。

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Translated by: Wendy Liang

In my eyes, Victor Fung has always had a dedicated and determined creative spirit. Whether in dance, or in real life, he is the MODEMENT Knight that we all appreciate. However, his sparkling dancing career is not all he has to show for it – it is also his early experienced which nourished his creative character. 

Travel the road that suits you, not the road that was paved for you.

Victor Fung 

In elementary school, Victor moved to Taiwan with his family. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he studied at a local school before transferring to an international school. Across thirteen years of education, Victor had mastered three different languages, and assimilated into three different cultures. Needless to say, he had become accustomed to change. As he explains, it was necessary to develop a strong sense of self, and to understand the kind of person he was. “I am very resilient”, he said with a laugh. In this way, he knew he wanted to take the path he paved for himself. 

Victor performed well during his college entrance exams, yet found himself torn between the Seafarer’s School and the Academy of Performing Arts. Evidently, he chose the latter, though at the time, it was a difficult decision to make. Having never taken dance classes, or extracurriculars, it was a decision made upon feeling. Having gone to an international school with many South American students, he was interested in the way body language can differ between different cultures, and how that represents a way of expression. “Joining the Academy of Performing Arts was perhaps one of the most reckless things I’ve done,” Victor explains, “but it was also from there that I found my courage.”.

Currently, Victor is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong with a Doctoral Degree in Dance. When I asked him about the content of his studies, he explains that his paper explored how to nurture a new generation of dancers, so they can use dance as a medium of self-expression. “If you have a goal, then speed is not the crucial factor. Each failure would only motivate you more. Find yourself, love yourself – time and actions only become proof of this.”

The “I AM WHO I AM” T-Shirt undoubtedly fits Victor’s own character.