Saori Weaving Ikebana Wreath Workshop for TATCHA

Saori Weaving Ikebana Wreath Workshop for TATCHA

SAORI 手織是由日本藝術家城美紗鷗(Misao Jo)提出,秉持人人皆可編織的理念,在沒有既定的框架下,自由編織岀屬於你的作品。

MODEMENT 一直活化傳統工藝,重新演繹到時裝上。我們深信透過編織,將獨特的剪裁結合創新的物料,能讓每人展示最自信自我的一面。這跟TATCHA 以人為本的理念不約而同,糅合傳承百年的日本護膚秘笈及創新科學,追求肌膚和心靈之間的平衡之美。

MODEMENT Saori Workshop for Tatcha 

是次跟 TATCHA 合作的 SAORI 手織花環工作坊,結合了日本傳統手織藝術及現代花環設計,將傳統工藝現代化,讓大家建構成一個屬於自己的花環,可暫時遠離生活,專注在編織上。


"Because everything has the same life, life cannot be measured by a yardstick. It is this individuality that makes everything meaningful and the uniqueness of each thread creates the tapestry of life" from Misao Jo, Founder of SAORI. She believed that everyone could create their own works by weaving. 

MODEMENT, we modernised traditional craftsmanship and presented in a new form or technique, by using unique silhouette to enhance the confident and identity of the wearers. This shares the same theory with TATCHA, a luxury beauty brand from Japan which combines the wisdom of traditional skincare formula with scientists, innovate within tradition, always made with pure, kind-to-skin ingredients, following the ritual of the Geisha. 

Through the SAORI Weaving Ikebana Wreath Workshop, participants could enjoy the moment of looming and looping. Create their own weaving pattern and decor with preserved flowers. 

SAORI Weaving Ikebana Wreath Workshop  
Date:  3rd, 4th Sept 2022
Venue: Premium Lounge, Lane Crawford (IFC Mall)

Photo by Tatcha 


[Behind the scene]

The design process of this workshop was quite challenging which stimulate our artisans to think out-of-the-box and how to combined with preserved flowers. Although the preparation time and development were tough, we are happy with the result. The smile and satisfactory from customers did made our day. 

Thank you TATCHA and the team, connected the beauty and weaving craftsmanship these days, we enjoyed the time also.


 "A good life is like a weaving. Energy is created in the tension. The struggles, the pull and tug are everything" by Joan Erikson