AW19/20 Men – Into The Woods

After the sky-inspired 「SUNSET TO DAWN」collection, and the ocean-themed 「HEADS UP」, comes the third installment of our nature-inspired designs.
「INTO THE WOODS」is the title of our AW19/20 Ready-To-Wear collection. In line with the “DARE TO” slogan featured in the previous season, this collection leverages nature to express the joy, the challenge, and the journey of being ourselves.
A key influence in this collection was the untitled works of Canadian painter Frank Johnston. Inspired by the way he captured the gradual transition between fall and winter, this season we adopt a palette featuring shades of brown, orange, and green.
In AW19/20, we also continue our goal of supporting sustainable fashion. Featuring otherwise-unutilized materials like mesh scraps in our designs, we hope to contribute our part in reducing fashion waste. Similarly, this season also features classic silhouettes and more inclusive cuts to further our goal of making designs transferable between different genders. Buttons and zippers featured in previous collections are now replaced with belts and ties, such that they can be adapted to different body shapes and styles. In this way, we hope to make fashion more accessible as a canvas to express your own identity.
Our trilogy of nature-inspired collections aims to ground us. To bring us back to nature – a world that is open to interpretation and yours to explore. Like traversing into the woods, the path of self-discovery is an adventure of its own.
Photos by: Calvin Sit
Production: Isabell Lau
Art direction: Silvia Stefanini
Styling by: Silvia Stefanini
Hair by: Will Yu
Makeup by: Akubi Yeung
models: Damon Nelson
Wardrobe assistant: Ammis Chan, Leonora Liao