AW20/21 RTW – Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe is showcased in a look book that takes us through a seemingly simple flow of scenes. As a fashion farmer, the designs are grounded from nature and take extremely care when it grows. Fashion used to be consumed lots of raw materials and created lots of pollution. How could we make a balance between fancy ideas and sustainability? But beneath this simplicity is a deeper exploration of our impact on the planet and on those around us.
To MODEMENT, nature is precious and sustainability is the new haute couture. Built on a foundation of sustainable luxury, MODEMENT’s brand ethos is focused on developing new techniques that preserve resources, without compromising on creativity.
For this AW20 collection, it continues to use its signature natural materials, including silk, organza, linen and cotton. Alongside this, it has used leftover materials to create its signature woven lace while pioneering new techniques for upcycling and zero-consumption. Most of the items could have at least two ways of wearing, which brings more flexibility and diversity to the wardrobe – when two become one.
 Photos by: Calvin Sit
Production: Isabell Lau
Makeup by: A.kubi Yeung
Styling by: A.kubi Yeung
Hair by: Will Yu
model: Janice Yip
Wardrobe assistant: Sammi Ching
Head piece creation: Nici Harmonic
Accessory creation: Answer B