SS19 – Heads Up

What is social intercourse? It is the numbers of likes, followers and shares. Chasing numbers on social media is a habit we share and use to measure popularity. By that, a new form of beauty is born.

Instead of being overwhelmed by social media, have you ever tried shutting down your phone and listening to your inner voice? Boost your confidence and reveal your true self. It’s time to be you.

In MODEMENT Spring Summer 2019 we trust and ignite the beauty of confidence, wisdom and generosity. Enjoy the freedom to express one’s personality as Moses set Israel free by crossing the Red Sea. Inspired by the glare on the ocean, this collection showcases our signature weaving technique on lace, cutting, the choice of fabrics, and the use of colours. It is dedicated to transform from a two-dimension design to a three-dimension piece of art. This is more than a trend but a wake-up call — it is time to embrace your life and be the owner of it. Declare to the world — “I AM WHO I AM”.
Photographer : @heymatei
Production : @feericfashionweek
Hair: @getamarinacademy
Makeup: @cristianbuca
Styling by: Aries Sin